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The interiors we spend our time in influences the way we experience the lives we live. Our interiors are designed to give you a feeling of peace, harmony and opulence that makes you want to stay longer, relax more and escape into another world of pure joy. 


At Palazzo Design International we design and custom make stunning interiors taking your living and holiday experiences from the "ordinary" to the "extraordinary".


We take every detail into consideration and have carefully chosen manufacturers that support and supply the outstanding quality we require to produce such interiors. Some of our manufacturers include Swarovski Crystal, Rosenthal Bone China, Schott Zwiesel glassware, Sambonet, Laudarte lighting and Fantini Mosaici.

     Hi, my name is John McNaughton, designer and founder of Palazzo Design International. I have a love of beauty, recreating it in its various forms. Since I can remember, I have decorated, sewn, painted, sculpted and loved making things with my hands.


My work in Dubai with Maryam Al Noori of Worood Events commenced a deeper love for creating beautiful environments and stunning occasions including bespoke interiors. My greatest influence has been the work of designer Gianni Versace who served as a "point of departure" for my creations as an interior designer. With a further desire of high quality manufacturing, I have married these philosophies and elements to bring  unique coordinated collections for you to enjoy from Palazzo Design International.


Thank you for your support and shared love of all things beautiful.

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